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Math Tutoring

Every day our world gets a little smaller due to the internet and connected devices. Countries that previously seemed half a world away have made the professional world a much more competitive place than previously witnessed. We cannot afford to allow our students to fall behind in math, especially since it is so vital to every career. Having a math tutor can make all the difference.

A Math Hive membership offers various options for students and parents with busy schedules. We will work with your student in two-hour intervals at any point during our regular business hours, and our highly qualified tutors help your child achieve his or her goals and get them to appreciate math and the time they spend here at Math Hive. We encourage him or her to and give them tips on how to work the problems themselves. This is where Math Hive differs from the rest of the tutoring programs. Our professionals are not only proficient in the various forms of math in which they tutor, but they are also very well versed in making the materials interesting and relevant to your student.

Math Tutoring

Program Options

With a Math Hive membership, your student can come by the learning center any time we’re open for up to two hours to get Math Help [link to Math Help page]. The instructors work with one to four students at a time. Open Monday through Thursday from 3 Pm to 9 PM and Sunday from Noon to 4 PM during the school year, your student or students can go right from the classroom to our comfortable learning environment for additional help with their math.

Students that require additional assistance due to an upcoming test or just because they get stuck on something can receive one on one instruction with our dedicated math tutors. This is offered at an additional cost and can be scheduled by the parents of the student. We want to ensure that your student fully understands of all of the materials they will face in their regular classroom, while at the same time remaining an affordable option to a traditional one on one tutor.

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Tutoring Professionals

The services include frequent reviews by the center’s director, Dr. Ben Hilberg. Dr. Hilberg received his PhD from USC and is a firm believer in the importance of math regardless of the student’s desired field of study. For more information on Doctor Hilberg, please visit

In addition to the outstanding math tutoring your student will receive here at Math Hive, parents should take comfort in the knowledge that Dr. Hilberg takes a very hands-on approach to the entire program. He reviews assessments and all completed work to ensure that your student is proficient in the areas of study in the classroom as well as receiving guidance in areas that are most important for them. In addition, Dr. Hilberg takes the time to keep parents updated on their student’s performance in the program, outlining the areas that need additional work, and providing prompt and concise responses to any concern you may have about your students needs. He communicates daily with parents via, email, phone, and in person, whichever way they prefer.

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