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Math Homework

Students of all ages experience some sort of difficulty in math homework whether a student lacks understanding of the subject or just trying to find an environment conducive to learning. At Math Hive, our tutors will not only ensure that your student has a complete understanding of the course work, but we also offer an environment productive to the pursuit of completing math homework!

Common Core

Common core standards are new to most parents. Unless you are heavily involved with your student’s educational program, you may not have a knowledge of the newer requirements your student must meet to progress. It is a high standard and will help students go further in math overall, but the transition is difficult and many students need help.

Math Hive instructors have studied the common core approach and are ready to help students with their homework. We employ math and science oriented instructors that we know can teach and make a difference in your student’s academic progress. Advanced math concepts are beginning to show up earlier and earlier in the course work of our students. Subjects like algebra and geometry are being addressed in elementary schools in order to better prepare your student or students for other advanced courses that are now being offered at the middle school or junior high school level.

No matter what the goal is, students need to be able perform well in their math courses through high school.
1. STEM goals: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math- if your child is interested in these topics, then math will be at the center of their work. The demand for these skills is very strong and growing because technology is so much a part of everyday life now.
2. College bound: In general, a 4 year college or university is going to require passing grades through Algebra 2. Many majors even require good grades in those fields and often continuing math through calculus. For example, many business schools require math through multivariable calculus.
3. Entering a trade: Even if college is not in your child’s future, they will use their math skills all their life. For example, they will need to be able to make good financial decisions, figure out how much material to buy for a project, and know how to adjust a recipe.

The frustration that arises for a student that can’t get their homework done makes them not like math and it becomes a vicious cycle that’s hard to get out of. We can help with this and our goal is to have the student’s success with math to improve their relationship with math. We try to create small wins like getting the homework done correctly to big wins, such as getting a good grade on a test. Over time, the student is much less anxious to go to math class and to start working on the homework.

Math Homework

Math Hive Tutors

In the classroom, the teacher has to move on to the next topic whether or not each and every student comprehends the current section. That creates a gap in understanding that shows up again sooner or later in a subsequent topic. In the process of helping with math homework, we may discover those gaps in your student’s understanding of a subject. Should this be the case with your student, our tutors add topics to cover, additional worksheets to be completed, and make sure that extra attention is given in that area in question.

High school students will typically require large portions of time to devote to their math homework. We find that it usually takes the entire two-hour period to complete homework and study for upcoming quizzes and tests. We also find quite often that many students studying the same subjects gain knowledge from their peer’s perspective. By witnessing the current problem of other students and then seeing the solution being worked out, this will enhance your students’ understanding of the subject. Our tutors will make the links for them to expand their understanding. Our collaborative space and approach to tutoring eases your student into working together to find solutions to a variety of math problems, including word problems that seem tricky. This also teaches your student another important life skill, teamwork.

Homework is an important part of the learning process. In math, the progression is to learn it, then see examples of problems done by someone else (and follow it well), and the to do it on your own. Homework is a chance to do it on your own. Ultimately, students have to demonstrate they can do it on their own with some type of quiz, test, or exam. Contact us for information on Math Hive membership

Common Core Curriculum


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