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Membership in Math Hive offers assistance in three key areas that will provide the tools your student will need in order to not only gain a full understanding of the particular math course they currently enrolled in, but appreciate its usefullness and improve performance in higher level math that comes in the higer grades and college.


First and foremost, our highly qualified staff of math helpers will teach your student math concepts and facts. In class, the teacher moves to the next subject regardless of whether every student has mastered the concepts and facts or not. This can create gaps in understanding that reappear in later topics. Math is the kind of subject where the later sections depend on mastery of key topics from earlier years or subjects.

Math Help

Grades 2-8 Math Tutoring:

Upon entrance in Math Hive, an assessment is performed to give our tutors the best, most current assessment of your student’s comprehension of the subject.  From this assessment, a plan is developed to address the areas that your student needs the most assistance with. Parents, your input is also paramount in assessing your student’s need for math help. Real world experiences in which your student has lacked in the subject as well as previous test scores, report cards, and any other valuable information will be coupled with our assessment in putting together a learning plan.

Sometimes the student’s gaps are significant, prompting the need for the student to learn the core concepts of the previous courses. If this is the case with your student, this is where we will begin, ensuring that they are filling in the gaps that will be needed in future courses. This is done regardless of what their class is currently working on. Meanwhile, we also help them with their current classwork as well.

Alternatively, some students are very proficient at their current grade levels math standard, we will use the same technique to get your student ready for the next school year or next course, potentially moving them up a grade level in their math course or seeing that they make their way into honors or AP (Advanced Placement) classes; both of which make a transcript in the hands of college admissions stand apart from the rest of the applicants.

Summer is an ideal time to fill in the gaps and we spend most of their time in learning. If a student does not have gaps to fill in, then we help them stay current from last year’s material and prepares them for next year’s courses. Loss of learning is common in the summer. Math Hive can help to prevent this as well as help advanced students prepare for their more difficult classes.

STEM Preparation

High school Math Tutoring:

The typical high school student will usually need the entire 2 hours of math help provided by our tutors to keep up with classwork. As we find gaps in the student’s understanding of certain mathematical concepts and formulas; our tutors provide instruction based on those gaps in knowledge while keeping your student current with the coursework.

Through the summer, we spend a lot of time preparing high school students for their next year of math. Math Hive has helped students prepare for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. In addition, some students want to prepare for the SAT or ACT. They can bring in their study materials and the tutors will help them develop a study plan, work through problems, and sample tests.

Math Homework Help:

To make students successful in math, we realize it’s important to stay up with the current classwork. Math Hive will oversee that the homework is being done correctly, answer questions, and spend time ensuring the student understands the concepts and facts for their current assignment. The tutors will also help create a review plan when quizzes and tests are scheduled.

Additional information on how Math Hive approaches homework is here


A third area for interested students is to spend time on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. This optional and the priority is determined by the parent. Math Hive has available coding, robots, building, physics, and spatial games that are of interest to many students. They help the student understand how math is used in the world.

Common Core Concepts

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