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Math Tutoring During the School Year

Mon – Thurs: 3pm – 8pm
Sun: Noon – 4pm
See the Calendar for dates that this starts and ends.

One student membership is $350 monthly per student and includes the ability to drop by any day Math Hive is open for up to two hours. Additional students from the same family can have the same access for $300 per month each.

A family membership offers additional discount, but the students cannot attend Math Hive at the same time. Each student in this plan is an additional $150 per month..

Math Hive hours are geared towards after school. Membership is focused on:

  • Learning
  • Homework
  • Enrichment

Membership includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Customized goals set based on assessment
  • Qualified instructors work with students who need math help to administer curriculum and monitor math homework completion
  • Students finish their math homework at each visit
  • Math Hive original materials are provided to help achieve goals
  • Students can come for up to 2 hours any time we are open
  • Explore S.T.E.M related concepts with high-tech toys, gadgets, and collaborative projects

Summer Math Tutoring

Membership is the same price during the summer for both individual students and a family plan. Since there is no homework, Math Hive open hours are shifted earlier. We still work on a student’s needs but also offer:

    • Skill camps: Topics designed to get and keep kids ready for future math challenges!
    • SAT prep: We break down the SAT and master those concepts throughout the summer. Students to bring their own prep material- we will tell you what we are using.
    • Math Olympics: Build your points all summer to earn prizes!

Achivement Learn more about summer learning loss: here

High School Summer Math Help

Summer hours:
Mon – Thurs: Noon – 5pm
Fri: Noon – 4:00pm
See the calendar for dates that this starts and ends.
Math Hive can prepare you for the next difficult subject or get help with summer school.

SAT Prep

We guide students through the math portion of the Barron’s New SAT book.  We will administer practice exams to assess progress, and focus on the  areas of highest concern.

Learning Homework and Enrichment


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